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Thoughts On Ingwaz

As things progress I get wonderful people in my life both IRL and on the web who find ways of stimulating thought on various runes. In this case hakuzo asked me what my thoughts were as relating Ingwaz and Laguz as each being part of that primal soup I mentioned in the last entry. I told him that in my opinion, whereas Laguz is representative of the whole soup in and of itself, Ingwaz is more selective.. As in the the DNA strand, where it takes components that make us up from what has been before.. As relates in such ways to ancestry and the like. Seeing as how Freyr, who is represented by Ingwaz is Lord of the Mound and thus has conveyance with the dead. Bringing to the surface those things which are most useful to us whether we are aware of it on a conscious level or not. Over time the strand is changed, but it is not as random as it would seem to the outsider, as we change it by whom we invite to share our lives with. So a certain level of 'selective breeding' occurs whether on a conscious level or not. Some cultures have done this very deliberately, looking in certain cases for what made a better scholar, warrior, ruler, or artist. Whatever was looked up to as the ideal at the time. If you didn't qualify as to the ideals of the culture your lack of desirability as breeding stock was noted and your ability to find a mate was made as difficult or as easy as such. To a certain extent today we are still doing this based on income etc. But it is more subtle. Ingwaz is a rune that has a way of inserting itself on every level of society. If we pay attention to the lesson here and do not limit ourselves unduly but expand when there is a need, and allow for more potential to be brought in rather than becoming focused only in one direction than we make ourselves stronger overall. If we focus in one direction only we face the consequence of becoming limited in such a way that the strand becomes weakened through qualities that have doubled back upon themselves and created breaks within. Communication along the lines of ancestry can bring insights but limiting ourselves only to such information will keep us from excelling when other lines of information open up to us. To me this is what Ingwaz represents. It is a fascinating rune. And the pattern is one which you can get lost in for some time to come. Always working your way from strand to strand and finding something new in the spaces between.

The alternate form of course, being the diamond, I feel is rather an emergence from one realm to another. As we pass from death into life, or from life into death. The ability to communicate with our kin is established through this form. As not only is this a door, it is also in a sense a mouth.. If you look at it almost as a feminine orifice. And see the ability to expel a new form coming from it. This in a sense is the mystery of the twin deities Freyr and Freyja being expressed. How it is that they are at constant communication with one another at least on a subliminal level. And why it is that though many see Freyr as a good of sexual prowess others see him as a nurturing deity who gives to them more a sense of acceptance and enfolding than a need to be urged on in a sexual manner.

I know that these opinions are most like to stir up some controversy and I hope that they will at least make some feel that some time and effort has gone into the research that has produced them. I hope some few will benefit and enjoy my perspective.

In Troth,
Ayla Wolffe
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